Audit And Assurance

An audit is a reasonable level of assurance a firm can offer on financial statements. We provide a range of audit and assurance services including the following:

  • Qualitative Statutory Audits keeping in view the various obligations under Companies Act 2013, Income Tax Act 1961, GST law and other applicable Laws.
  • System Audits & Income Leakage Audits of Banks and Financial Institutions, Revenue Audits, Statutory Audits & Concurrent Audit of Bank Branches.
  • Co-operative Bank Audits, Electronic Data Processing Audit
  • Internal Audits of Govt. Undertakings and Limited Companies.
  • Special Audits like Due Diligence Reviews, Stock Audit, and Operational / Management Audit, including services to various authorities Including the Office of Official Liquidator / Company Liquidator.
  • Documentation of SOX Compliance.
  • Know Your Customers (KYC) audit.
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